KJV New Testament without chapters and verses (Engels)

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Uhh ... the New Testament without chapters and verses?
What's that good for?

Many people don't realize that division into chapters and verses is a fairly recent 'invention', which of course makes it easier to find certain sections or verses quickly.

But there is also a great danger here! An ignorant reader of the New Testament might get the impression, and unfortunately very quickly, that what we read are all 'loose' parts. We often view them that way and, even worse, they are often taken out of context and presented as Biblical truths and/or doctrines.

The original New Testament had no division into chapters and verses at all. When you write a letter, you don't divide it into chapters and you don't mention a verse number for almost every line, do you? So we should also read the Gospels, the letters and the other books as they were given, that is, without this unnatural division which, again, gives the impression that they are 'loose' pieces of text.

Hence the New Testament without chapters and verses. Based on the King James Version (which can be used free of charge).

Have pleasure in reading the New Testament the way the early Christians read it!


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